About Us

Bluediamondpenthouse is a blockchain and cryptocurrency news portal trying to re-establish the status of news channels, which was held years ago. The internet has been full of rumors and fake news. Even some of the infamous news websites are accused of manipulating the original news in order to misguide the readers. Cryptocurrency space is one of the victims of the rumors and fake news and has been adversely affected.

All these along with the paid reviews and content appraising fraudulent ICOs are creating havoc in the market. We identified several gaps between the cryptocurrency community and the information available to the public. The reasons for these gaps are:

Cryptocurrency market and its related technology, the blockchain, are highly dynamic. New developments and advancements occur every day, and we want to keep our community on top of these developments.
There are multiple unverified sources for information, trading and investing platforms. We strive to provide credible content and insightful data-driven analysis.

Bluediamondpenthouse, backed by a strong team of savvy journalists, aims to overcome these problems and provide the cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts with a reliable source of information for everything related to the cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology. We believe our initiative can positively affect the current market scenario and regain the trusts of the readers in the news websites/channel.